world suicide prevention day 2020

KOSHISH commemorates the World Suicide Prevention Day

With the aim of raising awareness among public and to sensitize key stakeholders on the issues of suicide and suicide prevention; KOSHISH conducted a series of events in the month of September 2020.

Awareness through Radio Programs

KOSHISH and TPO Nepal jointly produced and broadcast two episodes of radio program on Suicide Prevention on 7th and 10th September. To create mass awareness and to help people in distress and to encourage seeking help from professionals, KOSHISH has been broadcasting Public Service Announcements (PSAs) during the whole month of September through reputed FM stations in central level and also in Gandaki Province.

Press Meet with the Health Journalists

On 9th September, KOSHISH organized a virtual press meet with the health journalists on Suicide Prevention. The aim of the press meet was to sensitize media persons on the sensitivity of suicide and the effect and impact that can be because of the irresponsible reporting of the suicide incidents.

During the event, Psychiatrist Dr. Deepak Kunwar, Asst. Professor of Kathmandu University highlighted how media can have the media contagion, and increase the incidents of suicide when trying to make the story sensational and glamorous. He also shared the tips for sensible reporting of suicide and how media can help to reduce suicide. Mr. Matrika Devkota, Executive Director of KOSHISH shared his personal experience of suicide and how he overcame it. He also shared that the concentrated approaches from all stakeholders is required to reduce suicide. For which, one can start listening to someone’s distress and sorrows without being judgmental and with maintained confidentiality. The government should have a specific multi-sectoral response mechanism, action plan, and strategies for suicide prevention. Mr. Pitambar Adhikari, retired deputy Inspector General of Police presented the existing scenario of suicide. He shared that the government must identify the causal factors leading to suicide and act accordingly to reduce the incidents of suicide. 

The event was entirely participatory where participants discussed in details on the issue of reporting the incidents of suicide. The event was moderated by Chair of the Health Journalists’ Forum Ms. Kalpana Acharya and was live on KOSHISH’s facebook page.

Dissemination of infographics

KOSHISH developed flyers and infographics related with Suicide Prevention. These are also the effective tools for advocacy and generating awareness. KOSHISH has formally disseminated these materials through virtual press meet of 9th September. Those materials including radio PSAs were also circulated among organizations working in the field of mental health and suicide prevention. These materials are intended to aware people on the current situation, myths and misconceptions, risk factors, protective factors, warning signs, preventives measures, and the role of various stakeholders for suicide prevention.

Collaborative effort required to prevent suicide

KOSHISH in collaboration with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) organized a virtual interaction program on Suicide Prevention on 10th September. Altogether 167 participants including representative from Nepal Police, National Planning Commission, Ministry of Women Children and Senior Citizen, Ministry of Health and Population, and various organizations working on the promotion of mental health, took part in the interaction program.

“The government is undertaking review to address the issues of mental health problems and suicide. The Mental Health Strategy and Action Plan which is almost in the final stage of being endorsed by the government, has also been made comprehensive enough to address suicide.” – Dr. Phadindra Baral

“Nepal police have crisis response mechanism for suicide prevention, however it would be more effective if we could conduct it in collaboration with the local people and the government. The media including the social media is influencing suicide. So, the media should be sensible while reporting.” -Mr. Deep Shamsher Rana, Superintendent of Nepal Police

“There is need for formulation of the multi-sectoral strategy and it’s effective implementation for suicide prevention by the government.” – Mr. Matrika Devkota

Mr. Yagya Prasad Adhikari, Chief of NHRC-Bagmati Province thanked KOSHISH for the collaboration to organize such important event. He shared about the efforts and coordination of NHRC to promote mental health wellbeing the rights of persons to live. He also encouraged everyone to continue their hard work and dedication to promote mental health and suicide prevention.

visual psa on suicide prevention

suicide prevention infographics

Suicide Prevention Infographic
Suicide Prevention Infographic
Suicide Prevention Infographic