The healing touch of mother’s lap

Ritu Baraili (pseudonym) is 27 years old female who lives in Nilakantha Municipality, Ward 3, Dhading with her parents. She supports her mother in household works as well as she is engaged in agricultural works also. She is happy and likes to do her works. But her life was not normal like this before.

Around 10-12 years ago, while she was in class seven, suddenly at night she started screaming and crying. Her family members were unaware of her problem so they took her to traditional healers (Dhami, Jhakri) for treatment. But that was no use, she would show normal behavior for some time but again she would be back on showing unusual behaviors. Some of the people suggested that after marriage she will be fine so her parents conducted her marriage. But her problem arose after marriage. She was neglected by her husband and his family. They gave emotional torture to her and as a result, she returned back to her maternal home. She started showing unusual behaviors such as self-talking, laughing alone, and leaving home. The society also started showing hatred to her.   One day she left her home. Her mother was worried but her father didn’t care about that. Her mother tried to find her and searched for her but couldn’t found. After some days, she was found by the police on Gajuri. Her condition was bad at that time. She had wounds and bruises all over her body and wasn’t conscious about who she was.  She was then referred to KOSHISH by one of the government representatives. KOSHISH rescued her on December 8, 2017, and took her to transit home.

At first, she showed reluctant behavior but with love, care, and support on transit home, her condition was improved. Therapeutic activities, recreational activities, and counseling were found to be fruitful on her progress. Within 2-3 months she was able to tell about her family and with her information, KOSHISH staff searched for her home and was able to contact her mother. Her mother was so happy to find that her daughter was alive.  On May 8, 2018, she was reintegrated back on her home.

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