Acceptance and support: Giving confidence to start a new chapter in life

Kabita (pseudonym), a 29 years young woman from Kushadevi, Paunauti-3, Kavre has now started a new chapter of her life. She got married, and her husband and in-laws are supportive of her.Kabita had received emergency psychosocial rehabilitation support from KOSHISH for five months and was reintegrated into her own family on 2nd July, 2017.At the […]

I am hopeful about my future

33 years-old Rama Danuwar (pseudonym) from Panchkhal, Kavrepalanchowk District who was once contempt by her husband, and the society is now self-empowered and independent. She grew up with her single mother as her father died in her childhood. Her mother raised her with much love and care. She had a happy married life, but after experiencing mental […]

Healing from wounds in the heart

35 years old Maili Tamang from Ramechhap was brought into Transit Care Center during this Lockdown. She is a survivor of domestic violence. Her husband used to get drunk and torture her physically and mentally. She became unable to cope with the emotional and physical abuse and left her home leaving her two daughters behind. […]

Way back home

24 years old Radha (name changed) was recovering from her mental health condition. She was trying to adjust in her family and community after receiving short term residential psycho-social support from KOSHISH. Due to lack of family support she was again left in the road wandering alone. One year back, she was rescued by KOSHISH […]

Support system helped in recovery

Being ignored by family after experiencing mental health problems, Sarita (pseudonym) of 27 years old was living with one of her relatives in Khotang. Sarita was abandoned from her own home when she started showing unusual behavior. Her family showed hatred towards her. Despite the fact that she had a family, she spent her life […]

COVID-19 and lockdown led to severe effect on Mental Health

21 year-old Ramila (pseudonym) tried to take her own life during this lockdown situation. She experienced mental health condition from a very long time and attempted suicide for many times. However, her condition was improving and she was under medication and counseling services before the lockdown. She was working as a receptionist in an office […]


I am Devaki Devi Chaudhary. I live in Udaypur with my five children. My children are world to me. Twelve years back, two of my daughters started experiencing mental health conditions which crashed my world and my family scattered. I sought help from traditional healers but everything went in vain. Unwillingly, I was obligated to […]

Change is POSSIBLE!

Sima Basnet (pseudonym) of Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur is 29 years old. She is living with her parents and supports them in household works and farming. All was not same few years back. Around 13 years ago she started showing unusual behaviors after her only brother died. At first she started neglecting her personal hygiene and […]

Witnessing miracle together

Rima (Pseudonym), 40 – Tanahun lived with her husband and their three children.  The couple had an unflinching relationship filled with deep faith and respect for each other’s reality. Rima worked together with her husband during day while their children are at school. They have a shoe store where they sell the shoes as well […]

Humanity has no Boundary

31 years old Nilima (pseudonym) was found on the street of Nawalparasi with an infant attached with umbilical cord on her lap. She was rescued by police who brought her in the nearby hospital and treated her accordingly. The doctors found her with a severe mental health problem and referred to the KOSHISH’s rehabilitation services […]

Keshar at koshish

I am a receptionist at KOSHISH and have a normal regular life just as others. I am deeply involved in music and I like to compose Nepali songs and music. I am well-kept and I love to meet people and make friends specially those who have music as passion.  I am active member of Facebook […]

Blessed Kamala

My name is Kamala. I am from Rasua, Nepal.  I work at KOSHISH. I am very happy since I get spiritual satisfaction through my work of helping the persons with mental health and psychosocial issues as part of my job activities. I myself have non-objective fear psychosis and I have to take medicine regularly. But […]