Service Delievery

Mental & Psychosocial well being

We promote psychosocial wellbeing which is directly linked with individual minds in interaction with society, working towards barrier and social stigma are very much crucial.

Mental Health services in international standards

Our intervention are integrated starting form informal care to specialized care, concept of no one left behind inline with WHO quality right toolkits, recommendation from right to health UN Rapporteur 2017, in line with United Nation Convention under Right Person with Disabilities  UNCRPD and UN Concluding Observations in relation to the initial report of Nepal.

Being included & living independently in the community

Our intervention demonstrates that person with mental health & psychosocial disability can live independently and being included in the family & community. We work towards prevention of seclusion and work towards inclusion in every aspect of live as according to their choice and meaningful participation in the community. (Article 19 of UNCRPD)

Mental Health beyond the health

We promote holistic well being & integration of mental health into general health reaching beyond the non-health sector i.e. education, social welfare, inclusion & livelihood. (CBR)