Regional Level Awareness Promotional Workshop organized in Gandaki Province

A Regional Level Awareness Promotional Workshop was organized in Pokhara, Gandaki Province on 12th August 2019 with participation from a total of 62 participants including Speaker of Provincial Assembly of Gandaki Province Hon. Netra Nath Adhikari, Deputy Speaker Hon. Srijana Sharma, Leader of Opposition Mr. Krishna Chandra Nepali and Director of NHRC Gandaki Province Mr. Deepak Jung Dhwoj Karki. Other participants in the workshop included Parliament members, representatives from various government offices, political parties, Hospitals, Nepal Police, DPOs, CSOs, human right defenders, health workers and press. The program was carried out with the objective of understanding the situation of mental health in Gandaki Province and discussing the role of province and local government in promotion and protection of rights of persons with mental health and psychosocial disability issues. Following the program, parliament members made commitment that they would discuss on the issue of mental health in the parliament and work towards better provisions to provide mental health services.