Advocacy & Awareness

KOSHISH follows rights based approach working with both the top-down and bottom-up approach where we consider mental health and psychosocial services not a luxury but a necessity just like food, shelter and clothes and for everyone to have access to it. It encourages right-holders not to ask but demand the rights with the duty bearers. KOSHISH advocates by and for persons with mental health issues or psychosocial disability in Nepal through evidence collected from the primary sources generated through the community based mental health programs, and the secondary sources by reviewing of national and international documents.

We advocate for

Amendment or abolishment of discriminatory provisions towards persons with mental health issues/psychosocial disability
Adoption and implementation of positive provisions towards persons with mental health issues in existing laws
Integration of mental health in general health and beyond the health i.e. social protection, education, gender etc.
Advocacy Initiatives

Mental Health Initiative

Key focus on sensitizing and advocating the government stakeholders accountable for mental health rights of its citizens, generating awareness for stigma reduction on mental health and empowerment of right holders perspective for quality mental health services to be available accessible and acceptable from community level itself.

The Disability Rights Initiative

Key focus on inclusion, empowerment and participation of persons with psychosocial disability by breaking down the barriers (attitudinal, communicational, institutional, legal) with particular focus on ensuring their inherent dignity, individual autonomy and rights on equal basis with others in line with the spirit of UNCRPD.
Major Activities
Capacity Building of Persons with Mental Health and Psychosocial Issues for Self-advocacy
Empowerment of persons with mental health and psychosocial issues through peer support and skill development programs to raise their voice demanding for their rights against duty bearers. More
Media Sensitization
Mobilize and sensitize the media on creating awareness amongst general public and concerned stakeholders and pressurizing the government to prioritize mental health and psychosocial disabilities in policies, plans and programs. More
Meaningful Participation
As an expert in this field and issue we want to cooperate with professional but demand for meaningful participation and not tokenism. We want to be included from the planning process to until every process of implementation, monitoring & evaluation.More
Adoption and implementation of policies and program which are useful for people as according to their choice without compromising quality
Raising voice for the shift in the approach with duty bearers (policy and program implementers) from the dominant charity based and medical model to more holistic human rights based approach to mental health and psychosocial issues based on international human rights standards and its effective implementation. More
Right based approach
Persons with mental health issues are considered as subjects with autonomy and dignity and not as mere objects. They are the right holders demanding with duty bearers (the state party). We respect differences and acceptance of persons with psychosocial disability as part of human diversity and humanity. More
Legal Reform (Public Interest Litigation)
Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is one of the most vital tools to reform the law through Judiciary. KOSHISH files PIL’s for the protection and promotion of human rights against existing discriminatory legal provisions, derogative words in laws, present barriers to equality in society, and inhumane treatment. More

Current Projects under Advocacy

Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of Persons with Mental Health Problem through Self-Advocacy

2016-2021 (6 Yrs.)

Strengthening Stakeholder Capacity for Formulation, Implementation and Adoption of Psychosocial Disability Rights in the Legal Framework

2018-2021 (4 Yrs.)

Mainstreaming of psychosocial disability in Province 1

2020-2022 (3 Yrs.)