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Support system helped in recovery

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  • Post published:जुलाई 24, 2020
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Being ignored by family after experiencing mental health problems, Sarita (pseudonym) of 27 years old was living with one of her relatives in Khotang. Sarita was abandoned from her own home when she started showing unusual behavior. Her family showed hatred towards her. Despite the fact that she had a family, she spent her life as a homeless orphan. One of her relatives was a teacher at the public school nearby her. He was aware about her situation so he provided a home for Sarita and his family also provided love and support for her. Knowing about her condition, he tried to reach different places for her treatment and finally he connected Sarita with KOSHISH for support.

After initial assessment she was brought to KOSHISH by the outreach team for short term residential and psychosocial support. With the continuous psychosocial support, psychiatric consultation, and therapeutic services, there was remarkable change in her mental health after a certain time. But it was difficult to reintegrate her even after her recovery as her family showed unwillingness to take her back. The outreach team continuously psycho-educated her family members but they showed no interest to accept her. So her relative again took her responsibility and she has been reintegrated to her relative’s home. For now, she is staying with them but the outreach team is trying to psych-educate her family members and if they are not willing to take her back then KOSHISH will search for an organization for long term support for her. During recent follow-up, Sarita was found to be in sound health and is also involved in household activities.

She shared, “My relatives love and support me when my own family members have abandoned me because of my mental health problem.”