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Way back home

24 years old Radha (name changed) was recovering from her mental health condition. She was trying to adjust in her family and community after receiving short term residential psycho-social support from KOSHISH. Due to lack of family support she was again left in the road wandering alone. One year back, she was rescued by KOSHISH team from the street and was provided with mental health and psychosocial support at transit home of KOSHISH. With the improvement in mental health condition, she was reintegrated back in her family. During reintegration, family counseling and psycho-education was also provided to her family and community people. When the outreach team tried to reach her through phone follow up, it was found that the family members had sent her in some organization. She stayed there for some time but she had problem adjusting there and without emotional support from family her mental health degraded. She then ran away from the organization and was found roaming around the street clueless with lack of insight.

The outreach team again found A case story: Way back home her on the street in Lalitpur and brought her back to the transit home for care. In the Transit home her mental health condition is gradually improving with proper care and support. With time she will recover but the main challenge is what happens to her after recovery. Her family is reluctant to have her back home. People with mental health issues are treated as a burden and inferior human. Some people even deal with hardships after recovery to settle in the community due to the stigma towards them. The community people even the family member discriminate the people with mental health problems. Now, the Social Worker of KOSHISH has been coordinating with the family members of Radha and her nearest Ward representatives about her sustainable reintegration. KOSHISH hopes that Radha will be accepted by her family and community and she will be able to live with dignity

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