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Standing for the Mental Health even in pandemic

This is the time of pandemic of COVID 19, the more the lockdown is increasing more people are suffering. The situation has ruined the life of people based on daily wages for survival. Every clusters focused in crisis management are seem only to be concerned about food relief and COVID 19 transmission. In this situation KOSHISH initiated to provide mental health and psychosocial support service via online and toll free number . The services are provided by Community Psychosocial Workers, professional Counselors and Psychologists of KOSHISH. The services include general information about COVID-19, follow up of persons who received community mental health services of KOSHISH, tele-counseling and psychoeducation for all people who are in need by listening to the problems and linking them to the needful services. This is provided to all persons in need who are vulnerable due to COVID-19 crisis. The follow up services are provided to the beneficiaries who received mental health and psychosocial support services of KOSHISH in the project area and also the persons who received Transit Care Service of KOSHISH. The Community Psychosocial Social Workers of KOSHISH has been conducting this activity to identify their need and link for the appropriate services. The team is also identifying the people’s need and referring them to the respective services they need such as food, relief, medicine etc. The summary of support services rendered by KOSHISH team so far is given below: