Community Mental Health Program (CMH)

The community mental health framework of KOSHISH has been established with the provision of service delivery to improve the quality of life of persons with or at risk of mental health conditions. The program emphasizes social considerations in basic services and security, strengthening support systems, and providing nonspecialized and specialized services to persons with a mental health condition in line with the WHO’s IASC guideline. This is an inclusive rights-based approach that provides accessible recovery-oriented promotive, preventive, and curative services utilizing the local resources and ensuring quality participation of persons with mental health or psychosocial disability.

The CMH program of KOSHISH is promoting mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in the communities through awareness and de-stigmatization campaigns. The program has been applying evidence-based practices and envisioned a replicable model of mental health service in the community settings. The primary objective of the CMH program is to mainstream the mental health services in the government health system by creating an inclusive society with an enhanced support system. The CMH program of KOSHISH contributes to mental health initiatives of the Government of Nepal, SDG Goal 3, i.e. Good Health and Wellbeing, and work toward ensuring ‘No one Left Behind’.

Basic services and security

Our approach focuses on mainstreaming mental health and psychosocial issues in government, non-government organizations and interested stakeholders to view psychosocial issues as a topic of extreme importance. We advocate for the implementation of laws and policies that are more in line with Human Rights as well the UNCRPD. In addition to the government we work to sensitize people at the community level to reduce stigma, false beliefs and misconceptions regarding mental health and psychosocial issues.

Community and family supports

Our approach focuses on contributing to make community based psychosocial support systems more accessible to persons experiencing psychosocial issues, their families, and community members. This will both include services as well as informative programs being available at the community level. Furthermore at the community level we develop and promote referral mechanisms for persons with psychosocial issues, to properly refer them to services that can assist them in rehabilitation and reintegration. We supply support with the initiation of Self Help Groups, school programs, livelihood and income generation programs.

Focused non-specialized supports

Our approach is to develop non-specialized support systems at the community level that can be accessed by persons experiencing psychosocial issues or their family members. To do this we first set out to identify and mobilize non-specialized service providers in the community, and supply them with training on identification of mental health issues and referral, sensitization and promotion of mental health and psychosocial issues at the community level.

Specialized services

Our approach is to provide access and referral to specialized psychiatric and psychological services to persons experiencing severe psychosocial issues, and to assist them in their rehabilitation and reintegration. We have placed psychiatric Out Patient Department (OPD) in the project area and where the persons with mental health condition can receive diagnostic mental health services or even referred the severe cases to the higher psychiatric facilities or rehabilitation services. After the rehabilitation we work to reintegrate them back into their community by initiating psychoeducation programs at the community level to help sensitize people on how to properly support people with psychosocial disabilities.

Current programs


KOSHISH has been implementing four projects under Community Mental Health program in Tanahun, Gorkha, Lamjung and Kaski districts of the Gandaki Province and at the Nuwakot district of the Bagmati Province. Below are the summary of the CMH initiatives of KOSHISH: 

1.  Inclusive Community Mental Health Program (ICMH Program)
     Project Duration : 2019-2023 (5 Years)
    Project Location: Besishahar Municipality and Marsyangdi Rural Municipality of Lamjung, Palungtar Municipality and Siranchowk Rural Municipality of Gorkha district
     Partnership: CBM
2.  Mainstreaming Of Community Mental Health Program In Government Health System
     Project Duration : 2020-2023 (4 Years)
    Project Location: Tanahun district
     Partnership: CBM
3.  Working Together for Suicide Prevention
     Project Duration : 2021-2023 (3 Years)
    Project Location: Pokhara Metropolitan City, Kaski district and Sundarbazar Municipality, Lamjung district
     Partnership: CBM
4.  Strengthening the resilience of marginalized communities in the Nuwakot district
     Project Duration : July 2020- Apr 2023
    Project Location: Panchakanya Rural Municipality, Nuwakot district
     Partnership: Malteser International

1. Engaging communities to protect from Mental Health consequences of COVID 19 pandemic – Nepal
     Project Duration : March – June, 2021
    Project Location: Godawari Municipality of Lalitpur district, Bhaktapur Municipality and Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur district,
     Panchkhal Municipality and Panauti Municipality of Kavre district, 

     Partnership: WHO
2. Enabling vulnerable groups through economic empowerment, livelihood opportunities and mental health and psychosocial support during/post COVID-19 pandemic
     Project Duration : February – September, 2021
    Project Location: Byas Municipality, Bhimad Municipality, Myagde Rural Municipality of Tanahun district of Gandaki Province and
     Bhaktapur Municipality and Suryabinayak Municipality of Bhaktapur district of Bagmati Province
     Partnership: Give2Asia