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Rural municipality taking initiative for suicide prevention

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“We will prepare a suicide prevention plan. A suicide prevention network will be established in each ward of our municipality. The network will be activated for awareness-raising on mental health and suicide prevention services.”
-Mr. Raju Gurung, Chief of Siranchok Rural Municipality

In a suicide prevention interaction program organized by KOSHISH on 25 December 2020, Chief of Siranchowk Rural Municipality of Gorkha district Mr. Raju Gurung presented an idea of a Ward-level network for the promotion of mental health and suicide prevention. He committed that a representative from the rural municipality will be selected as a focal point who will be responsible for the coordination of mental health services and suicide prevention network. He stated that the rural municipality needs technical support to enhance the capacity of network members in suicide prevention and he requested KOSHISH to conduct Training of Trainers (ToT) for the network members. The network members will conduct awareness activities in the community and establish a referral mechanism for suicide prevention services. The municipality will complete the planning in January and the networks will be established within February 2021. According to Mrs. Lalita Gurung, in Incharge of Gankhu Health Post, the cases of suicides are increasing and the need for immediate intervention has been realized.
As most cases of suicides are related to mental health problems, mental health services should be available from all health facilities to prevent cases of suicides. Mr. Tukman Shrestha, Head of Health Section, informed that the rural municipality had allocated a budget for the medical insurance of persons with mental health problems from economically low-income families. This linkage increases the availability of and access to mental health services.
KOSHISH has been implementing the Inclusive Community Mental Health Program in Siranchok, Gorkha since 2019 in partnership with CBM. The program has been informing and empowering local communities on mental health and sensitizing the government representatives for the mainstreaming of mental health and psychosocial disability.

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