Fate can wait /Ex-beneficiary becomes KOSHISH staff

I, Urmila Thapa, resident of Mahalakshmi municipality ward no.9 am quite well after treatment and psychosocial support from KOSHISH. At present I work here at KOSHISH as a care giver. I cannot say that I know everything there is but I try and deliver best services that I am capable of to the other beneficiaries at KOSHISH. There are still many things I am yet to learn. The KOSHISH’s staffs are always there to guide me in my journey towards a new life. I am very happy and grateful to KOSHISH. However; my life was not sorted as it seems now.

Before reaching KOSHISH my condition and circumstances were heart rendering. I was far away from my home and family; there was no one to support me. My uncle provided some support but his wife was unwilling to do anything for me. My own mother had left my father and my father got married to another woman. He hardly wanted anything to do with me and my sister and wanted us gone. He gave five annas of land to me and my sister but that to with a lot of struggle. The circumstances were very challenging for me. I detached myself from people around me. I preferred to sit alone and perform a lot of religious rituals. I neglected my medications as well as personal hygiene and care. I was involved in self talking too. The said situation and circumstances of my life were discussed at the Nepal Women Commission. My uncle Tara Thapa informed the women commission about my symptoms.

The women commission of Nepal contacted KOSHISH and informed them about my case. The KOSHISH team rescued me and provided me with treatment and psycho-social support for about two and a half months. The help from KOSHISH staff was an integral part of my recovery. After recovery I was reintegrated. However, I have returned to KOSHISH in about one and a half month but this time as a volunteer and not a beneficiary. I am both, taking and giving services to the transit center now.

After being reintegrated, I did Nepali typing for some time for financial support. Unfortunately I could not continue with this work for long because it was hard on me. As part of the KOSHISH follow up programs, when I contacted for a follow up it was found that I had gone into relapse. My uncle Tara Thapa expressed his gratitude to KOSHISH for its support to me and requested that I be kept as a volunteer in the KOSHISH. The KOSHISH team and I discussed the matter and it was decided that I can help other beneficiaries and can work as a part of the KOSHISH team at home.  Previously I felt lonely and had no one to talk to. KOSHISH and team has been perfect match for people like me needing comfort and attention during our most vulnerable times.  Accordingly, I was recruited. My job duties include assisting the other beneficiaries in putting clothes, eating food, using toilet, bathing and maintaining personal hygiene. I myself am on medication.  I take help for the jobs and activities I am not aware of and render services of which I am capable.

I have both family as well as home. Father, mother, sister, uncle and aunt, I have everyone. But due to mental health and psychosocial issues I am forced to lead an isolated life, apart from society and family. But the solace is KOSHISH. I am is happily involved in the work of KOSHISH. I cannot express my gratitude to KOSHISH in words. I have been given a new life by KOSHISH and I am truly is thankful to KOSHISH. I refuse to be bogged down by the fate and am determined to lead a dignified and wholesome life.