अभिलेखहरु: Events

World Suicide Prevention Day, 2021

Kathmandu , Nepal

Suicide can be prevented if the individual, family, community, and society understand the situation, provide a space to ventilate their feelings, and listen to those who are going through psychosocial distress.

World Mental Health Day, 2021

Kathmandu , Nepal

This year’s theme Mental Health in an Unequal World highlights the three major components: 1) The impact of COVID, which invites inequality, 2) lack of access to mental health services and 3) stigma related to mental health conditions. (Source: WFMH)

International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 2021

Kathmandu , Nepal

Disability Day is celebrated every year focusing on different issues with the objective of enhancing the understanding of the general public and concerned stakeholders about the issues related to disability and promoting the appropriate support system.

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