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Construction workers received Psychological First Aid

Construction workers at Palungtar municipality of Gorkha district, arrived from different part of country had severely effected by sudden lockdown. Along with accommodation and health problems, they began to have psychological issues. They are found to have fear about contagion, being stagnant at the work place, anxiety about increasing lockdown and food. As soon the sate of labors was known by Palungtar Municipality, health division in collaboration with KOSHISH provided psychosocial support. Psychologist Saraswati Mishra, from KOSHISH provided psychological first aid (PFA) to the 17 workers to address their fear, anxiety and dilemma. The program was facilated by CPSW Bipin Ghimire, he further provided information and contact details of local bodies working in relief at emergency. Along with the assurance of free health service by municipality and instruction of Vice Mayor, Pampha Basel to the construction contractor to do expenses on labors food without cutting of wages, the workers were relieved. One of the worker Pradip Rai stated, now he can be relaxed and want to thank KOSHISH and municipality. 

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