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Change is POSSIBLE!

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  • Post published:जनवरी 10, 2020
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Sima Basnet (pseudonym) of Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur is 29 years old. She is living with her parents and supports them in household works and farming. All was not same few years back.

Around 13 years ago she started showing unusual behaviors after her only brother died. At first she started neglecting her personal hygiene and then slowly she refused to go to school or meet her friends. Her unusual behaviors such as nocturnal sweats, bed wetting and stooling increased day-by-day. She even would sometimes come out of her room without any clothes. Her family members were unaware about her mental health problems and because of shame they locked her in a room. Her whole family members were displaced from their home after the mega earthquake-2015 and she was forced to live in cattle’s farm because of her condition.  This added great hostile environment for her. As she stayed there for long time, her feet got joined together and she was unable to walk. Her days were disgraceful and nobody showed any interest for her treatment.

With the help of a local organization, her sister brought her in the transit home of KOSHISH on December 1, 2016. When she was brought into the transit home, she was not able to walk even in crutches. She showed reluctant and aggressive behavior in the beginning. But with the love, care, support, therapeutic and recreational activities, counseling services, and physical treatment her condition became better. In order to inspire her to walk again, the staffs of transit home started appreciating her while walking by clapping or giving chocolates or by letting her distribute chocolates to everyone in the transit home. Slowly, she started opening up and sharing her feelings with others. She expressed that no one had loved and cared her like this and she is happy to walk again. With the improvement on her mental as well as physical health she was reintegrated back in her home on June 17, 2017.  At the time of reintegration, she reached up to her house with the help of the crutches.

During reintegration her family members were given family counseling regarding her mental health condition and were made aware about her physical health. They were told that their love and support can help her to walk again. Now, Sima’s condition has improved and she can walk without any support. The social workers of KOSHISH are in regular follow up with her and KOSHISH has provided three goats on August 27, 2019 for livelihood support. In efforts of KOSHISH, local municipality has committed to support her. She is leading a happy life and is now able to support in the household work such as; cutting grass for the cattle, fetching water, and agricultural works. Her mother and sister are really grateful towards KOSHISH for the support and care.

“We all thought that she will be like this forever but because of KOSHISH, she is now living a new life.” – Sima’s sister