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Blessed Kamala

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  • Post published:जनवरी 2, 2020
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My name is Kamala. I am from Rasua, Nepal.  I work at KOSHISH. I am very happy since I get spiritual satisfaction through my work of helping the persons with mental health and psychosocial issues as part of my job activities. I myself have non-objective fear psychosis and I have to take medicine regularly. But I don`t mind taking medicines since it makes me feel refreshed and healthy.  Honest to God, I never thought I can be that fortunate to get a job at KOSHISH. I feel blessed and blissful. However, my life was never this blissful and blessed in the past.

I was very young when my step-father sold me into women trafficking. The persons who purchased me sent me to Calcutta for prostitution. I ran away from Calcutta and became a street peddler and a roadie and stayed on my own ever since. I never had a home ever in my childhood days. I grew up in the streets doing small chores for the passer by. I washed dishes in the restaurants, worked as a maid in rich persons house. I also got job of cleaning in hospitals, nursing homes etc.

In my growing years, I never had three meals a day. Roaming here and there in and around, looking for an ideal job I finally found vocation as a tourist guide. I liked the job of the tourist guide since there was an opportunity for a lone wanderer like me to make friends and amends for myself. However, as a tourist guide it was not regular job and there were many days without job every month. No tourist meant no job and no food.

Somehow, I survived the vagabond years of my childhood. I grew up as a tourist guide and when I was in my late adolescence   I had to spend many years in the at the Kathmandu Central women prison since the police caught me with the narcotics which belonged to someone else. I developed mental illness in the jail.  My imprisonment brought me on the streets once again.

Almost 8-9 years in jail ripped me off all my social and financial linkages in the society. That apart, I could not keep any job because of my mental illness. Resultantly, when I came out from the prison I had no one to contact and seek help. I landed in the streets.

KOSHISH rescued me from the streets and placed me in their transit center and put me onto counseling, and therapeutic activities and medicines. In the beginning I was a loner and used to sit alone, not interacting with anyone. Slowly, I opened up and started sharing my feelings with the staff and inmates at the transit center. With the interaction my health improved and eventually, I used to involve myself in bead making, painting and knitting at the transit center and the counselor used to help me revive my past in positive spirits. Before getting into counseling, I was into a vicious circle of self-pity asking always one question to myself ‘what have I done to deserve this kind of life?’ But the counseling helps me get into positive thinking and to look for silver lining in every grey cloud.

Working with the colorful beads and painting colors used to help me control my paranoid emotions and it as well helped me overcome my phobias regarding meeting and talking with the people.

Spending about 9 months in the transit Center, I recovered enough to lead a normal life. By the grace of God, I got a job at KOSHISH which gave me a new life and new hope in my life.

Since my childhood days, I have only one identity –that of a runaway victim of the human trafficking. The growing up years of a person in life are the foundation to the future of that person. Unfortunately, my growing up years are that of a vagabond, leave alone not being formative, these years destroyed my claims to a yielding future completely. Had I not been rescued by KOSHISH, I probably would not have been alive today. How I wish to the gracious Lord that KOSHISH be able to reach the vulnerable people like me and help them just as I was helped.