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Access to services is vital for the wellbeing

Anita (pseudonym) of 23 years old is one of many women who had been deprived of psychosocial support during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. After the initiation of the holding center at KOSHISH, she was able to receive immediate psycho-social support service.
Anita was experiencing mental health conditions at the age of 15. She was under medication for some time but later she discontinued due to financial problems and her family also did not pay much attention. Her parents arranged her marriage assuming that her condition will improve after the marriage. However, contrary to their hope, her problems kept worsening.

The groom and his family demanded the dowry but Anita’s family couldn’t fulfill their wishes, and she faced torture from her husband and his family. She somehow lived there bearing all the hardships. Eventually, she got pregnant and her husband went abroad in the meantime neglecting her situation. The family abandoned her forcing her to live with her parents. Due to their poor family background, the family was compelled to keep her at home without treatment.

KOSHISH got to know about her during an awareness program that was being held near her place. Then she got rescued and was brought to the holding center and provided psychosocial care. With the proper care, psychiatric consultation, and counseling services her mental health condition is improving slowly. She has been taken for regular antenatal check-ups and the condition of her baby is also normal.
Anita was fortunate that KOSHISH’s awareness program was being held in her vicinity and KOSHISH could reach her and that too in time. However, there are many persons languishing silently with no access to mental health services. The accessibility of mental health services is a prerequisite for treatment and rehabilitation.

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