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A journey from abandoned to abundant life

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  • Post published:जनवरी 9, 2020
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Chandra Kumari Magar (pseudo name) is 33 years old and lives in Triyuga municipality-8, Udaypur. She is living with her brother and his family. She has a son of 9 years old. She is living her life independently and happily with her son. However her life was not like this before.

A few years back, she was sexually abused which lead to the birth of son whose father was unknown. Then for the reputation of the family in the society, she was liable to marry a person who was deaf. Her marital relationship did not go well; her husband did not pay any attention to her.  So she returned back to her maternal home and stayed with her parents. She continuously had the flashback of the sexually abused event. It had an adverse impact on her daily life and she went through a lot of emotional turmoil. She started showing unusual behaviors, she didn’t even have any recognition of time; she would sometime prepare food at noon or sometime at midnight. Her family was unknown about her problems and was unaware of what to do. So, an organization referred her to KOSHISH for further support and was brought in KOSHISH on June 10, 2017. Initially, she refused to talk with the staff but gradually her behavior changed and she became more open up. She received the care and support in the transit home. Therapeutic and recreational activities were proved to be beneficial to improve the mental health condition of Chandra Kumari.

After her condition was improved she was reintegrated back in her family on September 15, 2017. During reintegration social workers sensitize the family members through family counseling and psycho education and created a supportive environment for her in the family and society. As per the recent follow up, it was found that her mother and sister-in-law are supporting her. Her brother can’t move from the bed as he is paralyzed but he has an attachment with her and provides emotional support to her. She helps her sister in law in the household work as well as other farming activities. KOSHISH has supported two goats as livelihood support to her on September 27, 2018 for her economic empowerment. KOSHISH also linked her to the local government representative and they have also committed for providing necessary support. Now she is living an independent life and focusing on the future of her son. She is really thankful for the support provided by KOSHISH.