निःशुल्क मनोवैज्ञानिक प्राथमिक उपचार तथा मनोविमर्श सेवा

KOSHISH has started Free Psychosocial First aid and counselling services through psychologists to support the minimization and management of mental health and psychosocial consequences caused by the COVID19 crisis and physical distancing.


KOSHISH is a non-governmental, non profit national self-help organization working in the field of mental health and psychosocial disability at the grassroots community level in Nepal. It was founded in 2008 by the initiation of the persons having lived experience of mental health issues. The word ‘KOSHISH’ means ‘making an effort’ and it had a combined team of both passionate and professional people. KOSHISH provides and advocates for independent living, inclusion and meaningful participation of persons with lived experiences of mental health conditions and psychosocial disability through strategic advocacy and service delivery in line with Article-19 of UNCRPD, 2006 at its core.


Blessed Kamala

My name is Kamala. I am from Rasua, Nepal.  I work at KOSHISH. I am very happy since I get spiritual satisfaction through my work of helping the persons with mental health and psychosocial issues as part of my job activities. I myself have non-objective fear psychosis and I have to take medicine regularly. But I don`t mind taking medicines since it makes me feel refreshed and healthy.  Honest to God, I never thought I can be that fortunate to get a job at KOSHISH. I feel blessed and blissful. However, my life was never this blissful and blessed in the past.

Fate can wait/ ex-beneficiaries becomes KOSHISH staff

I, Urmila Thapa, resident of Mahalakshmi municipality ward no.9 am quite well after treatment and psychosocial support from KOSHISH. At present I work here at KOSHISH as a care giver. I cannot say that I know everything there is but I try and deliver best services that I am capable of to the other beneficiaries at KOSHISH. There are still many things I am yet to learn. The KOSHISH’s staffs are always there to guide me in my journey towards a new life. I am very happy and grateful to KOSHISH. However; my life was not sorted as it seems now.