Medicines supported for people living with mental health issues

In the current situation of the world, everyone is in stress and worries. There is even high level of stress to the people who have mental disability. It is very difficult for those people who are in regular use of medicines to get access to the medicines due to lock down. There is a very high chance of relapses if medicines are not used in regular basis. KOSHISH is working in Tanahun district for 5 years for mainstreaming mental health and psychosocial disability in government health system. KOSHISH tried to reach out the people through phone calls and found out about the situation about their mental health. The Shuklagandaki Municipality and Bandipur Rural Municipality coordinated with KOSHISH for requirement of medicine for the people living with mental health issues. So after gathering all the required information, KOSHISH in support of CBM managed to buy the medicines and sent it to the respective municipalities from where later sent to other respective places. Shuklagandaki municipality broadcasted the message through local FM radio about KOSHISH’s services related with COVID19 and availability of psychotropic drugs for people who are in need in their locality. Mr. Damodar Regmi, Representative of RECED, a disabled people’s organization in Tanahun, helped to coordinate in the process of distributing the medicines. In the first phase, the medicines were distributed to 30 persons who were in emergency need. “In this difficult situation, this issue was completely blown away from our mind but I would like to thank KOSHISH for supporting the medicines for those people living with mental health issues and reminded us about how important it is in this situation.” says Mr. Regmi.

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