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Mainstreaming Psychosocial Disability through Self-Advocates

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  • Post published:July 23, 2020
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With the aim of addressing the need of immediate response during COVID 19 pandemic in the province to be inclusive of disability and marginalized groups and to mainstream psychosocial disability in the disability momentum, KOSHISH has started implementation of a project in Biratnagar, Morang of Province-1 from June, 2020.
The project, in close collaboration with the National Federation of Disabled Nepal and local authorities of Province-1, will identify disability and marginalized groups requiring support and link them with available mainstream services being provided by the government and non-government actors. Likewise, peer support services will be available for them as well. The project will facilitate in formation of peer support groups in the Province where they will gather in a safe environment, share and support each other on a bi-weekly basis. The group members will also be provided capacity building programs in relation to rights ensured by the Constitution of Nepal 2015, Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2017 and UNCRPD and will be encouraged to become self-advocates.
Advocacy campaigns and sensitization programs will be carried out with the local authorities by self-advocates, NFDN members and representatives from cross disability organizations to encourage them to develop plans and programs for persons with disabilities which are inclusive of psychosocial disability as well. Sensitized local authorities and NFDN representatives through the project will contribute towards mainstreaming of the issues of psychosocial disability in Province-1. This two-years project is supported by Open Society Policy Center, USA.