KOSHISH extended its services in Bagmati Province and Gandaki Province in response to COVID-19

The rapid increase in the number of people with COVID-19 infection has affected the life of people and many of them have been living in distress and uncertainty. As per Nepal Police, number of suicides during the period of this pandemic has reached to 1227. The situation has threatened both the physical and mental health of the general people. Physical distancing, self-isolation and quarantine are triggering reactions of isolation and loneliness. Realizing that the prevalence of common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety are expected to more than double in this humanitarian crisis, KOSHISH has extended its services in Bagmati Province and Gandaki province June, 2020 to address the need of mental health and psychosocial support during the crisis situation. Psychosocial support including psychological first-aid, tele-counseling, follow up and referral services is being provided as part of the COVID-19 response. Three Psychologists/Counselors in each of these Provinces have been assigned to provide 24 hours tele-counseling service to the persons having psychological distress and problems. Public Service Announcements have been developed and broadcast on FM radio and also distributed over social media for mass awareness about the COVID-19 and its impact to the psychosocial wellbeing of the persons. This initiative will contribute towards addressing the current pandemic caused situations and its effect on the psychosocial wellbeing of the persons having psychosocial problems. The people from Bagmati Province who are in need of psychosocial support or information regarding COVID-19 may contact at Toll Free Number 166001-22322. The people from Gandaki Province may contact at Toll Free Number 166001-22322 and receive free Tele-counseling support.

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