Humanity in Dark Room and Metal Chain

Yamuna Shrestha (pseudonym), 32 years old female is living with her parents in Sindhupalchowk. She has completed her school level education from her home town. She is leading a happy life with her parents and supporting her father and mother. But she was not like this before.

A few years back she was in love with a man but that man refused to marry her which triggered her unusual behaviors. At the beginning days of her problem, she used to doubt others and demonstrate unnecessary fear. She preferred to be alone and self-talking and laughing were noted. She was taken to a mental hospital for treatment but her medication was discontinued which arose her problems. After the earthquake, she started being more violent and aggressive. She started displaying aggressive behavior attacking her family members and passersby. Her level of aggression would sometime escalate to throwing things around her in addition to scolding people nearby and using vulgar words.  Moreover, she used to open her clothes and wander in the streets without any clothes. To overcome from her ”unbearable behavior” she was tied up in a metallic chain in her own home. She was fed in the same place where she was caged and never freed her from chain due to the fear of being attacked by her. 

Assessing her poor mental health condition and inhuman behavior from her family and community, she was rescued by KOSHISH and brought to the transit center on August 18, 2017. The beginning days of Yamuna were noticed with frequent rough words and self-talking. Most of the time she was found wandering around and she was often noticed to tear clothes time and again. She was unable to take care of herself and was found restless with the frequent irritation on the conversation of others with her.

Yamuna showed marked improvement in her behavior with the homely environment, care and support of KOSHISH. The therapeutic activities and counseling services were really beneficial to her. Her hallucinatory behaviors were controlled and she developed trust among the staffs. Yamuna was reintegrated back into her family on May 18, 2018. While reintegrating her, psycho-education and family counseling were given to her parents so that they could support and love her. The community is also accepting her slowly and many are now aware that mental health problems are curable.

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