Depression itself is not a disease.

Depression itself is not a disease. It is seen in people as a consequence of psychosocial problem. It is very serious problem which can make any person’s life too difficult. Here, a real experience of a woman who is counsellor by profession has been presented. She suffered from depression as the consequences of family conflict and mental and physical violence. Her family was well educated as well as economically empowered yet she had to face mental violence due to prevalent misconception and false perception in her family regarding mental health problem. From this case, we can easily analyze how difficult it is for persons with mental health problem in uneducated or poor family.

Currently, she has been working as counsellor in mental health/psychosocial wellbeing after experiencing recovery with love and support of her husband and through treatment. She has an understanding husband so she had not faced economic burden of mental health problem as other women. She says:

It is possible to manage mental health problem as any other health problems if treated properly. It is important to address misconceptions about mental health problems by spreading awareness on mental health and psychosocial aspects.

10 to 20 percentages of women suffer from depression during postnatal period. I had already passed bachelor’s degree in psychology when I suffered from depression during postnatal period. My husband took me for treatment and I recovered within short time with love and support of my husband. But other female members of my family and my relatives became more cruel, rude and negative towards me. They used to call me a mad woman and doubted if I could take care of the household. They didn’t let me touch my own child. I used to scream out of pain, become restless and feel suffocated but there was nobody who understood my suffering. My desire to have another child remained unfulfilled as I suffered from depression just after giving birth to my first child. My family argued that I would be more disturbed after having another child. Contrary to my will, I was forced to abort for four times. My family used to insist my husband to leave me as they used to believe that I was mad and couldn’t even raise my child. These events led me to more mental stress.

When I tried to apply my understanding of psychology on me, some of my family members opposed and used disgraceful words saying that any person studying psychology are really mad. Instead of helping me to overcome depression, they were pushing me deeper into the pool of depression.

They kept on applying immense mental pressure on me. With time, mental pressure took the form of physical violence. As, I couldn’t endure the violence and pressure, I decided to end my life by hanging myself. When I was about to hang myself, my three years old son started weeping and pulling me. The pull of my innocent child provoked love of a mother within me. I promised myself that I would never ever think of committing suicide how hard the situation might get. The love for my child saved me from suicide and I am still alive in this world.