Change is POSSIBLE!

Sima Basnet (pseudonym) of Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur is 29 years old. She is living with her parents and supports them in household works and farming. All was not same few years back. Around 13 years ago she started showing unusual behaviors after her only brother died. At first she started neglecting her personal hygiene and …

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Witnessing miracle together

Rima (Pseudonym), 40 – Tanahun lived with her husband and their three children.  The couple had an unflinching relationship filled with deep faith and respect for each other’s reality. Rima worked together with her husband during day while their children are at school. They have a shoe store where they sell the shoes as well …

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Humanity has no Boundary

31 years old Nilima (pseudonym) was found on the street of Nawalparasi with an infant attached with umbilical cord on her lap. She was rescued by police who brought her in the nearby hospital and treated her accordingly. The doctors found her with a severe mental health problem and referred to the KOSHISH’s rehabilitation services …

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