Way back home

24 years old Radha (name changed) was recovering from her mental health condition. She was trying to adjust in her family and community after receiving short term residential psycho-social support from KOSHISH. Due to lack of family support she was again left in the road wandering alone. One year back, she was rescued by KOSHISH …

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I am Devaki Devi Chaudhary. I live in Udaypur with my five children. My children are world to me. Twelve years back, two of my daughters started experiencing mental health conditions which crashed my world and my family scattered. I sought help from traditional healers but everything went in vain. Unwillingly, I was obligated to …


Change is POSSIBLE!

Sima Basnet (pseudonym) of Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur is 29 years old. She is living with her parents and supports them in household works and farming. All was not same few years back. Around 13 years ago she started showing unusual behaviors after her only brother died. At first she started neglecting her personal hygiene and …

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