Akal, Overcoming from inhuman, degrading treatment!

My name is Akal bahadur Thokar. I grew up in Nyatapole Temple which is located in Bhaktapur. My father used to do thanka business (Clothing Business). I studied from St. Johns English School which is situated in Katunje, Bhaktapur. I did my SLC from Dumja, Sinduli district in 2061 with second division degree. After my SLC, I used to go to college & teach tuition for the students. Teaching was my passionate and I enjoyed a lot. In my area, I am known as a “Small Teacher”.

I was affected by psychosocial problem from my early age (13 years old). There must be many causes for this problem. But now I think that during my childhood, I lost my friend, my beloved sister Plikhi with whom I used to go school, play and hangout a lot. This incident was a great loss for me. I couldn’t bear her demise; I was worried very much. I used to cry & laugh & walk due to which people called me psycho.  After hearing this, my father came and took me with him. Immediate after that, I was taken to the private hospital in Kathmandu and got admitted. I was kept for three months for my treatment.

After three months treatment, I got back to home in my village.

When I returned to my village, it has changed a lot. The people didn’t recognize me. And I began to feel alone by myself.

During childhood, the children learns to study & learn many things. But due to my psychosocial problem I was obligated through all these activities like education, health, friend’s companion and so on.

The society tried to boycott me.

Though they tried to boycott me, I stayed in that society.

My mother used to say, “To tolerate is the great thing”. In spite of what my mother used to say, I was in extreme suffering from this problem. I was again admitted to private hospital for my treatment. This hospital used to torture me. They tortured me for six months & three days. They used to give me 33 tablets in a day which my family didn’t knew.

This situation was closely observed by Psychosocial health activist Matrika Prasad Devkota. He discharged me from that hospital and admitted me to new hospital. Within few days my medication was drop down to three tablets a day.

The life which I am living now is my second life in KOSHISH . This credit goes to Psychosocial health activist Mr. Matrika P. Devkota. Now, I am a poet which I was inspired by him.

Thank you!

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