Acceptance and support: Giving confidence to start a new chapter in life

Kabita (pseudonym), a 29 years young woman from Kushadevi, Paunauti-3, Kavre has now started a new chapter of her life. She got married, and her husband and in-laws are supportive of her.
Kabita had received emergency psychosocial rehabilitation support from KOSHISH for five months and was reintegrated into her own family on 2nd July, 2017.
At the time of follow up after a year of reintegration, she demonstrated keen interest to engage in income-generating activities to earn a living as she was facing economic hardship. Thus, assessing her financial situation and dedication towards work, KOSHISH provided goats as livelihood support for her on August 2019. She was happy when she received the goat. She confidently shared that she will increase the number of goats and fulfill her basic needs.
She was followed-up regularly by outreach team of KOSHISH and received update of her mental health condition. During the recent follow-up on 20th May 2021, we got to know that she recently got married. The family members shared about her mental health to her husband prior to the marriage and her husband and in-laws are supportive of her.
The story shows the importance of acceptance, proper support and care from family and loved ones. Kabita was once deprived of psychosocial support and was leading a life full of hardship, but now she is empowered, self-employed and independent. That has only been possible with positive attitude of the family and community.

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