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A Sense of Hopelessness Transforms into Hope

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  • Post published:May 10, 2021
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Kopila Pariyaar (pseudo name) is a 25 years old female who lives in Okhaldhunga with her family. She is married and had a son. She is living happily with her family now. But her situation was not the same.

During her childhood, she went through various physical, mental, and emotional traumas. She was an orphan and was raised by a neighboring aunt. She quit her studies when she was in class five and went to the city for work. There she worked in a house but the family she worked for were torturous. They always kept on nagging about her work. She went through physical and mental torture as well as emotional harassment. And because of this, she was forced to leave the job and return back to her village.  

Shortly after that, her aunt put a proposal of marriage for her with a partially paralyzed person. Initially, she refused the offer but because of constant pressure and emotional blackmailing from her aunt, she was forced to marry that person.

Her married life was full of hardship. Her husband was not able to work or handle even simple household errands. She felt a burden in her life but after giving birth to a child she felt some relief and happiness. But her happiness didn’t last long; with the increment of a member in the family, the financial crisis also increased and this affected her mental health. She started showing unusual behavior such as harming her newly born child, harming the cattle.  No one in her family or husband could understand her problem which let her more prone to the problem.

“Being at KOSHISH was like finally, finding a place where I can pour out miseries in my heart to the understanding and receptive ears”

– Kopila Pariyaar

Later she came in contact with an organization in Okhaldhunga and there she was referred to KOSHISH on January 18, 2019. At KOSHISH, she received recovery-based treatment involving therapeutic activities, art therapy, music therapy, and other recreational activities. Counseling sessions helped her to ventilate her emotional pains and stress. She started caring for herself and within a short time, she became active and had developed an interest in taking care of the other beneficiaries. In the meantime, she got the chance of getting vocational training. KOSHISH sent her to an organization on April 22, 2019 for vocational training. The organizations provided her vocational training in knitting of woolen products and also provide skill of gardening. Now she has been reintegrated back in the society. With the little support from KOSHISH and the family and society, she became capable to deal with her problems and lead her life happily and independently.