Witnessing miracle together

Rima (Pseudonym), 40 – Tanahun lived with her husband and their three children.  The couple had an unflinching relationship filled with deep faith and respect for each other’s reality. Rima worked together with her husband during day while their children are at school. They have a shoe store where they sell the shoes as well as mend the shoes. Their daily life seemed to be running smoothly, happy, and supportive like other families.

But, nearly two years ago, she showed signs of mental health problems. She showed unusual behaviors such as aggressive behavior towards her husband, neglecting personal hygiene, refusing to work, not caring about children, leaving house and wandering around the street, shouting without reason and crying frequently. 

Owning her condition, her husband took her to a tradition healer for the treatment but Rima showed no improvement after a few visits, rather her condition became worse. Her whole family was disturbed because of this.

Rima was from marginalized ethnic group and her family had poor economic condition so it was difficult for her treatment. To generate income for food and shelter her husband started a shoe-making shop on the footpath taking an umbrella as a roof to be safe from sizzling sunlight and rain. The little income generated from cobbling became the source to fulfill the urgent necessities of family.

One day, her husband knew about KOSHISH by one of his customers. Then he was connected with KOSHISH field coordination office, Tanahun along with his wife. There they were suggested to join on the Monthly Mental Health OPD services conducted by KOSHISH in Damauli District Hospital. She went to the OPD service on January 1, 2017. After receiving counseling and medication services Rima showed remarkable change in couple of weeks. She continued her follow up checkups every month.

She stayed at home, paid attention to children’s food and maintained her personal hygiene. Witnessing the changes in her mental health condition her husband supported her in follow up consultations. Later, Rima joined Self-Help Group which was formed by KOSHISH in her locality. In the self-help group the members within the group share their feelings and discuss about relaxation methods and techniques to manage the psychosocial problems.

Realizing the difficult financial situation facing by Rima and her family, the Self Help Group recommended them to KOSHISH for providing seed money support to them. From the seed money and Rima’s husband started cobbling business in a rental room in Bhimad, Tanahun. Both husband and wife are working hard to earn money to provide good facilities for their family. On the recent follow up check up on June 30, 2019, her mental health condition was improved and she is leading a happy life with her family.

Communities witnessed this event as a miracle and their perception has changed towards mental health problems.

Her husband says, “I was with her even in those scarcity and difficulties. So, I am always with her to support in any condition.” Rima says, “My disaggregated family has now come together. I was lost in my own world. Now, my children have got their mother back.”

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