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We envision mental health and psychosocial wellbeing for all


KOSHISH is a nongovernmental organization, as a national self-help organization it is working in the field of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in Nepal.

The word “KOSHISH” means “making an effort”. Koshish is affiliated with, Social Welfare Council under Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (Affiliation No. 25676) and registered in District Administration Office, Kathmandu (Registration No. 086/065) in 2008. Since 2008, advocacy for inclusion and dignity of persons with and who are at risk of mental health conditions and psychosocial disability has been at the forefront of KOSHISH’s goals.

KOSHISH promotes and advocate for independent living, inclusion and meaningful participation of persons with lived experiences of mental health conditions and psychosocial disability through strategic advocacy and community based mental health and psychosocial support services inline with UNCRPD, 2006 at its core.



Mental & Psychosocial well being

We promote psychosocial wellbeing which is directly linked with individual minds in interaction with society, working towards barrier and social stigma are very much crucial.


Mental Health services in international standards

Our intervention are integrated starting form informal care to specialized care, concept of no one left behind inline with WHO quality right toolkits, recommendation from right to health UN Rapporteur 2017, in line with United Nation Convention under Right Person with Disabilities UNCRPD and UN Concluding Observations in relation to the initial report of Nepal.

— We Strengthen

Our intervention demonstrates that person with mental health & psychosocial disability can live independently and being included in the family & community. We work towards prevention of seclusion and work towards inclusion in every aspect of live as according to their choice and meaningful participation in the community. (Article 19 of UNCRPD)

Mental Health beyond the health

We promote holistic well being & integration of mental health into general health reaching beyond the non-health sector i.e. education, social welfare, inclusion & livelihood. (CBR)

Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programs (CMHPSS)

KOSHISH has been working in a bottom up approach for mental health and psychosocial support, by supplying programs from basic services and security all the way up to specialized services. The organization is providing mental health and psychosocial support to people at all levels of intervention with services and assistance. 
With the objective of increasing access of psychosocial support services through mainstreaming mental health and psychosocial service in the government health system, KOSHISH has been implementing Community Menal Helath and Psychosocial Support programs in the Bagmati and Gandaki Provinces in close coordination with local government, civil society and general people. These programs are intended to support the development of a sense of ownership by the community and government agencies that provide sustainability to the program.

What we do in a community?

Our approach focuses on mainstreaming mental health and psychosocial issues in government, non-government organizations and interested stakeholders to view psychosocial issues as a topic of extreme importance. To accomplish this we conduct meetings, as well as advocate for the implementation of new laws and policies that are more in line with human rights as well the UNCRPD. In addition to the government we work to sensitize people at the community level to reduce stigma, false beliefs and misconceptions regarding mental health and psychosocial issues.

Our approach focuses on contributing to make community based psychosocial support systems more accessible to persons experiencing psychosocial issues, their families, and community members. This will both include services as well as informative programs being available at the community level. Furthermore at the community level we develop and promote referral mechanisms for persons with psychosocial issues, to properly refer them to services that can assist them in rehabilitation and reintegration.

We supply support with the initiation and development of:

  • Support groups
  • Peer support groups
  • School programs
  • Livelihood and income generation programs

Our approach is to develop non-specialized support systems at the community level that can be accessed by persons experiencing psychosocial issues or their family members. To do this we first set out to identify and mobilize non-specialized service providers in the community, and supply them with training on: How to properly identify mental health issues; how to refer them to proper service providers; How to sensitize and promote information regarding mental health and psychosocial issues at the community level.

Our approach is to provide access and referral to specialized psychiatric and psychological services to persons experiencing severe psychosocial issues, and to assist them in their rehabilitation and reintegration. This can either be done by placing psychiatric Out Patient Department, referring them to higher psychiatric facilities or by providing rehabilitation services through our Transit Care Service . After rehabilitation we work to reintegrate them back into their community by initiating programs at the community level to help sensitize people on how to properly support people with psychosocial disabilities.


Blessed Kamala

My name is Kamala. I am from Rasua, Nepal.  I work at KOSHISH. I am very happy since I get spiritual satisfaction through my work of helping the persons with mental health and psychosocial issues as part of my job activities. I myself have non-objective fear psychosis and I have to take medicine regularly. But I don`t mind taking medicines since it makes me feel refreshed and healthy.  Honest to God, I never thought I can be that fortunate to get a job at KOSHISH. I feel blessed and blissful. However, my life was never this blissful and blessed in the past.

Fate can wait/ ex-beneficiaries becomes KOSHISH staff

I, Urmila Thapa, resident of Mahalakshmi municipality ward no.9 am quite well after treatment and psychosocial support from KOSHISH. At present I work here at KOSHISH as a care giver. I cannot say that I know everything there is but I try and deliver best services that I am capable of to the other beneficiaries at KOSHISH. There are still many things I am yet to learn. The KOSHISH’s staffs are always there to guide me in my journey towards a new life. I am very happy and grateful to KOSHISH. However; my life was not sorted as it seems now.


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