Shanti meets her family

Published on: 19th Jun 2014


A big crowd of community people and family members were gathered when Shanti reached her maternal home. They were all surprised to see her back. Shanti (28 years) was born in Lubu, a village of Kavre. Her real name was Maya Tamang.

In the year 2061 B.S., Maya got married and was sent to a village named “Phulbaridapcha”. After one year, when her husband brought another wife, symptoms of mental illness started to develop so she returned back to her maternal home. Her father took her to traditional healers and even took her to Lagankhel Mental Hospital for her treatment but there was not kind of improvement. Then she started to roam around aimlessly, eat whatever was found in the street, beat and throw stones at the passerby’s.  The KOSHISH team found her in a helpless condition in the street, kept her at the Transit Home and provided her with treatment. After the treatment, on 19th June 2014, she was reintegrated.