Published on: 18th Sep 2017


Nirmala had a difficult past, starting with an arranged marriage. In this marriage, she faced many problems, so she eloped with another married man. Unfortunately, she was not well treated in her second husband's family either. She had to face many barriers which probably contributed to her development of mental health problems. As her mental health deteriorated her family and the society neglected her. Neither her husband's family treated her well nor her mother's family. Due to the stress, she developed further mental health problems and as a result, had to leave her community and accept life the streets. She stayed in streets for 12 long years in a psychotic state. She roamed in the street, and ate what was thrown in the roads. KOSHISH rescued her in October 2011 from the street and brought her to the Transit Home. With care from Transit Home staff, she has developed in many ways.. Now she can care for herself and do household chores as well. Even though she has recovered, her husband was still not ready to accept her back. Thus, on 14 February 2013, KOSHISH team took her back to her maternal home. She is now successfully reintegrated in her family and is happy to live with her parents. KOSHISH has provided goats as a livelihood. She enjoys doing household work and is a helping hand in most of the family matters. On the way to her home, people from the place where she had been rescued were surprised and pleased to see her in her right mind, for they did not think such a recovery was possible.