From Despair to Hope

Published on: 18th Sep 2017


Amidst joy, tears and celebration, Tarapati Sapkota was reintegrated with his family on August 6, 2016. Completely unrecognizable from a few months back, all were in awe of his transformation. The entire neighborhood had gathered to welcome him. His parents, weeping uncontrollably, remarked that their son had been reborn. These scenes were however, in complete contrast to the last time KOSHISH was in his village a few months ago. Locked in a cage, Tarapati lived the life of a prisoner in his own home. Dressed raggedly, with long hair and filthy odor, his family were relieved to send him away.

Tarapati was a diligent officer serving in the Armed Police Force (APF) when, during the internal insurgency, he was captured by the Maoist rebels and subjected to inhumane treatment. When he was finally freed , he was cruelly taken prisoner once more, this time by APF, the institution he faithfully served for over 5 years, on the charge of passing secrets to the Maoists. After months of torture, he was released but also dismissed from his duties. Subsequently, his mental health deteriorated. At home, his symptoms aggravated and he began displaying aggressive behavior, once hospitalizing his wife after attacking her with a knife. To rein in his aggression, his family were compelled to lock him in a cage. Therefore, for 3 years, Tarapati lived a life of a prisoner in his own home.

Post rescue, Tarapati was brought to KOSHISH’s short term residential home, where through psychosocial support and therapeutic activities, he was helped to recover. After 5 months of therapy, he showed sufficient recovery and on August 6, 2016, he was reintegrated with his family. At his home, his daughters looked apprehensively at him but as he approached them, they hugged him with unbridled joy. Tarapati promised that he would take his medicines daily and lead an active life doing household chores.