Cheerful Chiran

Published on: 6th Nov 2010


Chiran Kumari Mahato (name changed) is now in her family in Dhanusha district.  Her parents are happy. Their daughter is back home. Thirteen year old, Chiran had received emergency psychosocial support from KOSHISH transit home for few months. She was found in the street unaware of her conditions. 


Chiran, was a bright child. Chiran had been enjoying her life of early age until she was hit hard by an epileptic attack. When she experienced the first bout of the attack, she was on the way to home from school. She continued to experience the stupor of the attack almost everyday. The disabling attack of seizure almost pushed her life into dark dungeon.


It was during the semi-conscious condition of the seizure attack that she was encountered by a group of hooligans. She could not remember now how this group took her to a corner of the dark forest and abused her. The incident filled her with pain, suffering and guilt. She continued to feel guilty and tried to end her life for several times.


Her family denied her entry into home, which added salt to her bleeding wound. Gradually she descended into depression. But nobody around her could understand what was going on in her mind. Her parents, innocent villagers, could not understand the whole incident and its link with the mental health problem. They continued to blame her for spoiling their social stance. These entire incidents caused her severe mental health problems. Ultimately she ended up on the street.


KOSHISH found in the street and rescued her for her treatment. The psychosocial support turned effective to her. On 15th June 2015, she was reintegrated her family. ‘I’m very happy to get her back. Now I understand that mental health problems are treatable’, says her mother.