A new beginning of Sumi

Published on: 6th Sep 2017


Sumi Tamang (name changed) feels secured and happy, now living at House of Hope of KOSHISH, however she struggled in streets for food and shelter before she was rescued.

Sumi is about 35 years old woman living with mental health problem. She was wandering around the street of Jiri-2, Dolakha district for 4 years, the locals say. She is in the psychotic condition, and says that she was living with her father and mother with a happy nuclear family. "I was badly shocked after sudden demise of my father", she expressed being emotional. She does not know how she came up to the streets.

"I have been seeing her roaming around the street of Jiri Bazar for 4 years. She used to collect garbage in the container to calm down her hunger", a nurse from local hospital said. According to the local police, she might be sexually abused while living on the street, consequently she became pregnant. The local police had informed to local Women Development Office (WDO) about her critical condition taken to the temporary shelter at Charikot. The WDO asked KOSHISH for providing additional psychosocial care to her. On 28th August, 2015 the KOSHISH team leaved for Dolakha and  brought her to the House of Hope at Lalitpur where the abandoned women can get mental health care, support and service.

Sumi's mental and physical health is very poor. Her feet are swollen, nutritional deficiency is clearly visible on her as she is pregnant with seven months baby. Since the incident of abuse, she gets afraid with males and tries to run away when she encounters with men. She cries and thinks that person might kill her and her baby.

Now, Sumi is receiving proper treatment of her mental health problem at House of Hope. The WDO, who is also focal person for disability issues, has made verbal commitment to provide her disability card by which she would be supported with free medicines. She is now in the treatment phase and KOSHISH has started to find out her family members or relatives. Her reintegration in her own community is still a challenge but let's hope, she will get recovered soon and meeting with family become possible.