Published on: 18th Sep 2017

Purna Maya is now a respected woman in one of the rural areas of western of Nepal. She is an active member of local mothers’ group. An able housewife, Purna Maya is enjoying life with her three children. Purna Maya is a wonderful example of mental illness recovery. There is a general belief that mental illness cannot be cured, however, the following story proves that it can be treated and managed in the same way as any other illness if proper medication package with family support is provided.

Some 26 years back, Puna Maya went through difficult times in her life. Her reputation was in tatters. She was neglected by her family and society. Everyone in her neighborhood used to call her “Crazy Woman” for her mental health was disturbed and she used to behave in an unusual way. She could not get shelter at her own home and started living on the streets.

She was helpless and no one supported her. No one cared that what she ate, where she slept, how she felt, how her health condition was and so on. She had to struggle and had to defend against all sorts of possible crime in the streets. People also used to throw stones at her life was in crisis. 

No one had expected that she would return to normal life but  KOSHISH rescued her while she was roaming around the streets of a western part of Nepal.She has returned to normalcy after medication and other support. The path to recovery is not that easy and her recovery was not an easy task.

When she was on the streets she had a terrible infection on her feet however, the wound healed after treatment. Tissue grafting was performed to fill the wound. Despite having undergone such a terrible experience, Puna Maya Maya remained gentle hearted. While she was undergoing treatment for her mental illness, she influenced many by her behavior. She was friendly to her visitors. Her mental state, physical condition and social habits all improved. She was reintegrated in her family and her life was transformed.

After getting proper treatment, she was reintegrated in the society. When she was returning home, an interesting incident took place. When she was about ten kilometer away from her place of origin when she remembered the name of the place, her memory came back and she remembered all her past days. Now, she is living with her family members and helping them in all household tasks.