Advocacy and Awareness

KOSHISH is a right based organization, advocating, by and for, persons with mental health and psychosocial issues in Nepal through evidence based means in lined with consitution of Nepal, United Nations' Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and other international and regional human rights standard documents, since 2008. As the main barriers for enjoyment of human rights, is the existing laws and policies of the government, KOSHISH has been considerably valued for their assistance in eliminating these barriers through policy change and implementation with the Government of Nepal.

Advocacy Strategy:

  • Capacity Building 
  • Media Mobilization 
  • Raising Awareness
  • Policy Reform Initiatives
  • Legal Aids/ Public Interest Litigation (PIL)
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Networking/Lobbying



  • Self Help Organization: KOSHISH came into existence as Non-Governmental  Organization as Self Help Organization in 2008 in spite of legal barrier that people having Mental Health and Psychosocial (MHPS) issues not being eligible to register the organization in Nepal
  • Inclusion of mental health and psychosocial disability:
    • Inclusion in general health in Nepal Health Sector Support Program – II (NHSSP – II) 2010 - 2015
    • NHRC internalized the inclusion of Mental Health and Psychosocial disability in their strategy starting from 2013
    • Inclusion of mental health and psychosocial disability in election manifestos by major political parties of Nepal (Congress, UML and Maoist Centre) in local, federal and provincial election in (2016/17)
  • Representation in NFD-N (2015): Mr. Matrika Devkota is representing as a central board member in the executive committee of the NFD-N since 2015
  • Formulation of Multisectoral Action Plan (2014-2020): MAP (2013-2020) under non communicable diseases adopted by WHO, to be endorsed by Ministry of Health, KOSHISH’s advocacy brought back the document from the cabinet and make it more holistic and multi-disciplinary
  • Establishment of Mental Health Focal Division & Focal Unit (2015):  Mental Health Focal Division under Curative Service Division of Ministry of Health and Mental Health Focal Unit under Primary Health Care Revitalization Division (PHCRD) in 2015 under the policy of National Mental Health Policy – 1996
  • Establishment of Mental Health Care Center: In government hospitals collaborating with NGOs and revised its budget allocation to MHPS issues although it’s not in function which needs a strong follow up and advocacy. And there is increase in the sum attributed for mental health sector continuously over the years 
  • National Health policy update: Government of Nepal formulated, brought in and implemented an updated National Health Policy – 2014 after 23 years including mental health as core component of health
  • Allocation of budget for survey:  for the comprehensive National Mental Health Survey in Nepal for the first time in 2016
  • Adoption of Disability Right Act – 2017: Mainstreamed psychosocial disability as one of the major component, which includes separate provision for persons with MHPS disability regarding additional services and support. Furthermore, Clause 36 mentions that persons with MHPS disability will not be imprisoned in the name of treatment or protection regardless of what has been mentioned in prevailing laws 
  • Continuous Advocacy on inclusion: KOSHISH continuously raising voice for inclusion and mainstreaming in the area of health, disability, gender as cross-cutting issue