Interaction Program on Mental Health and Human Rights

Published on: 27th Dec 2018


An interaction program was organized on 25th December 2018 in Alfa Beta complex on the issue of “mental health and human rights” by National Human Rights Commission in coordination with KOSHISH. There was participation from various sectors representing NHRC, doctors, psychologists, CSOs, media personnel, human right defenders and right holders. Honorary member of NHRC, Govinda Sharma Poudyal and Executive director of KOSHISH, Mr. Matrika Devkota presented the situation of mental health and human rights in Nepal. Similarly, chief of policy, planning and monitoring, Ministry of Health and Population, Mr. Bikash Devkota shared about measures taken by the government to address mental health issues. Mr. Devkota also requested the participants to provide their feedback on plans and programs on mental health to be incorporated in their annual workplan.