Global Giving Campaign successful for KOSHISH

Published on: 20th Jul 2018


KOSHISH recently underwent a crowd funding initiative to raise money for women that have experienced violence, thus, resulting in abandonment by their family or being locked up and caged at their homes. This crowd funding was undergone on a well-known website named: Global Giving. This site was chosen for multiple reasons, which can be seen in the following: Well-known site, with both corporate and individual donors from around the world; it provides project promotion on their site, social media, and through direct promotion to large corporations; provides daily doubles, where all money received is doubled; lifelong membership; and opportunities for trainings to better develop one’s own organization and its fundraising techniques.

The program began on June 11th and ran until June 27th. During this time KOSHISH through its network, friends and loved ones, was able to raise over $6,000 out of the $10,000 total that is needed. The raised money will help combat, first, the stigma and discrimination around mental health by working to alleviate it, through both, awareness and advocating programs, as well as through follow-ups and reintegration programs of these women at their communities and villages. Furthermore this funding will be used to help women that have faced GBV (Gender Based Violence) and that have subsequently developed mental health issues, by helping them regain their mental health through the services at KOSHISH’s short term rehabilitation center in Kathmandu. This short term rehabilitation center will provide these women with the following: therapeutic activities and services; room and board; medicine; and skill building activities.

This has been a great achievement by KOSHISH’s community, as it will provide the necessary funds and means to be able to keep the ever so important services available for these women in need. KOSHISH will look to continue their efforts to raise money in order to expand this program to help provide services to women that are abandoned in the streets and subsequently became pregnant by helping them with: doctor visits; medical costs; nutrition and well-being of both the mother and child; education and information regarding their rights and available services; and help with finding long term housing or services that can assist them after their transition to a better mental health.

KOSHISH would like to again graciously thank all of their supporters, for both, believing in the cause we are working for, as well as on behalf of the women that are being helped through your donations.

Sundar Gurung