Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR) Orientation for KOSHISH Staffs

Published on: 20th Jul 2018

DiDRR Initiative is a supplementary project supported by CBM, for the projects (P2949-MYP and P3374-MYP). DiDRR initiatives are planned for capacity building of CBM partners, staff and communities in overall DiDRR, in line with the scope of Post Emergency Response and Inclusion Project (PERIP). It was also the implementation of overall DiDRR plan of action that was submitted by KOSHISH which was recommended by a situational analysis and risk assessment that was undertaken.

As part of the nonstructural component; KOSHISH has organized a capacity building program for its staff, on disability inclusive disaster preparedness and humanitarian response, with the orientation being held on 15th and 16th, July 2018, in Le Baichha Bar and Grill, Jawalakhel. The orientation was facilitated by Mr. Om Bam Malla, Fund Raising and Documentation Coordinator and Mr. Deepak Neupane, Project Officer of KOSHISH, who were participants of the TOT provided by SaRA Nepal in partnership with CBM.

Total of 24 staffs from KOSHISH's Short-Term Rehabilitation Center (Male and Female), Central Office and Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Project participated in the orientation. The main objective of this orientation program was to provide basic concept about disability inclusion in disaster risk preparation and humanitarian response for staffs. The orientation also supported staffs to get information about the hazard, risks, vulnerability, capacity and social mapping and identification of capacity and vulnerability in the community. The staffs are capacitated to organize the basic orientation for community and local government stakeholders about the disability inclusive disaster preparedness and response during the project implementation in different districts.