Capacity Enhancement Training to Self Advocates including Executive Members of KOSHISH and Delegation to Government Agency (Ministry of Health)

Published on: 15th Nov 2017


A capacity enhancement training to self-advocates including executive members of KOSHISH was held on 12th November, 2017 in Bijuli Bazar from 10 AM to 2 PM to inform them about Disability Management (Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation) Policy, Strategy and Ten Years Action Plan with specific focus on rehabilitation. The training was attended by 12 self-advocates and 2 executive members and was facilitated by Legal expert Ms. Sharmila Parajuli and Program Officer Mr. Abhas Dangol.

After providing information about the activities planned for rehabilitation in the Ten Years Action Plan, self-advocates and executive members of KOSHISH were involved in discussion regarding the space given to psychosocial disability in the activities that had been planned by the government and prepared for a delegation to the representative of government agency (Ministry of Health). After the training, they proceeded towards Ministry of Health to interact with Mr. Mohammad Daud, Director, Leprosy Control Division, which is responsible for preparing the 10 years action plan. The director welcomed the participants and applauded the efforts made by the right holders to receive information which concerns them, took questions from them and informed them about the progress made in the work plan.