Caged person got treatment at KOSHISH

Published on: 6th Sep 2017

Lots of people having mental health problems are being chained or locked-up or forced to live the neglected life in the street due to late or wrong diagnosis of the problem. Ram Bahadur (pseudo name), 40, from Dolkha is one of the example who is locked-up inside the cage since last one year due to fail to get appropriate treatment in time. 
Ram Bahadur used to roam around the village with mental health problem since long without treatment. But his condition got more severe after the last year’s devastating earthquake. His uncontrolled and aggressive behaviors forced the poor and illiterate family members to borrow money for making a cage for him. Since then, Ram Bahadur was treated as a domestic animal.
When one of the national daily covered the news of Ram, KOSHISH visited the place and freed him immediately. KOSHISH then brought to its short term residential care for his mental health recovery on 16 February, 2016. 
Within the period of two months, Ram started to communicate properly. His aggressions are totally controlled.  He always makes himself busy in therapeutic activities and other group works inside the home. 
The first article of Ram not only sympathized KOSHISH but also the open-hearted Nepalese around the world.  Huge amount of money was collected for his treatment and support. But, they were unaware whether that money was properly.