There are thousands of persons with mental health problems all over Nepal, abandoned by their own loved ones and struggling for survival on the streets. Your donation enables KOSHISH to provide such persons, the opportunity for a dignified life.

Your generosity will transform a life

  • $50 Average cost to rescue a person with mental health problem
  • $10 A rescued person's weekly food expense
  • $10 A rescued person's weekly medicine cost
  • $5 A caretaker's daily wage
  • $50 Average cost to reunite a recovered person with their family

Donate through our Partner's website

Or, through bank transfer

Nabil Bank Limited

Satdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal

Name of Beneficiary KOSHISH
Account No. 3901017500074

Please make sure that you handover your donations to KOSHISH and its authorized representative only.