KOSHISH as a survival from mental health problem, would like to give back to own communities whatever possible as an own social responsibility that can be a model which government may replicate.



Capacity Building of People with Mental Health Problems and Psychosocial Issues for Self-advocacy

KOSHISH aim that people with mental health issues and psychosocial disability should come and speak up for their dignity and rights rather than other people speaking behalf of them.  Read More

Media Sensitization

Mass media is an important tool to make people including the government bodies informed and as well to make them accountable for what they do, to the people living with mental health condition and psychosocial disability.  Read More


Meaningful Participation

KOSHISH is a voice of people with mental health & psychosocial disability. We shall never compromise in our inheritance dignity, Meaningful Participation. We know that people learn by two ways: by learning & by experiencing. Read More.



Adoption and implementation of policies and program which are useful for people as according to their choice without compromising quality

Various standards have been endorsed at international and national levels for the promotion, protection and to ensure fundamental freedoms of rights of persons with disabilities. Read More

Right based approach

KOSHISH follows rights-based approach where persons with mental health issues are right holders demanding with duty bearers (the state party). We want people with mental health issues as subjects and not as an object.  Read More


Legal Reform (Public Interest Litigation)

Law reform is the process of changing and updating laws so that they reflect the current values and needs of modern society. It is essential for protecting and promoting the rights of people who are most vulnerable and marginalized by society, like people with mental health conditions or with psychosocial disabilities. Read More