Program for the Promotion and Protection of Mental Health
Posted on: 17 Oct, 2013


A one day interaction program on “The Role of Stakeholders in Developing Effective Mechanism for the Promotion and Protection of Mental Health” held at National Human Rights Commission on 7th October 2013 with facilitation of KOSHISH.

The program was organized with the objective to identify effective mechanism for the promotion and protection of mental health. The role of stakeholders in developing effective mechanism is also discussed in the program. The program started with the presentation of Mr. Matrika Devkota, Chairperson of KOSHISH on Status of Mental Health in Nepal. Mr. Surya Deuja from NHRC presented on NHRC initiatives and perspectives towards promotion and protection of mental health including legal aspects. The last session of presentation was on Status of mental health and sharing of NHRC experience by Ms. Samjhana Sharma, NHRC. Dr. Nirakar Man Shrestha, former Secretary of Ministry of Health and Population commented on the paper presented.

In the program there was a representation from Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Education, Non-governmental organizations, National Mental Health Network-Nepal, District Health Office-Kathmandu, Mental Hospital, Nepal Bar Association, TU Teaching Hospital etc. There was participation from Human Rights Activists and Journalists as well.

The program was organized taking into consideration the fact that Right to Health is a fundamental right of human beings. However the mental health is neglected issue in Nepal. Even the state has not shown much concern in mental health sector. The State has failed to accomplish its commitment at national and international level to ensure the right of people with mental health problem to live a dignified life. The protection, prevention and promotion of mental health issue have been strongly questioned. Therefore, the need of interaction program to discuss on the aspects related to mental health from central level to local level and the role of the Government for the facilitation, co-ordination and monitoring that addresses the core National Mental Health Policy 1996 and its significance has been felt.