National Seminar on Mainstreaming Mental Health and Psychosocial Wellbeing
Posted on: 6 Mar, 2018

The National seminar on Mainstreaming Mental Health and Psycho-social Well-being with support from PHCRD and CBM International was held on 20th November 2017 at Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur. Presenters across the mental health sector including academic personnel, governmental agencies and developmental organizations attended this seminar.

This conference was set into motion due to the current status of mental health issues in Nepal. The seminar aimed to discuss the gap and issue of mental health psychosocial disability, at the national level. The seminar provided a common platform to address this topic, as well as how to mainstream mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, and simultaneously working on developing visions for affordable, accessible and efficient mental health and psychosocial services for all that are in need.

The conference was chaired by Mr. Matrika Devkota, CP of KOSHISH and chief guest of the program was Mr. Bhogendra Dotel, Director of Primary Health Care Revitalization Division (PHCRD). Total of 120 participants participated in the seminar which was divided into two sessions; inaugural session and thematic paper presentation session followed by discussion.

Thematic paper session had 3 technical papers; first from Tribhuvan University, Department of Social Work presented by Asst. Professor Pradeep Acharya, commented by Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba and Prof. Dr. Nandita Sharma. The paper was focused on mainstreaming mental health psychosocial wellbeing in academic setting. The second paper was from CMC Nepal presented by Dr. Kapil Dev Upadhyay on Training model on mental health psychosocial issues. The paper was commented by Mr. Binod Paudel, Psychologist and Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba. Third paper was presented by KOSHISH on community based mental health and psychosocial model. Paper was presented by Laxman Nath, program officer of KOSHISH and commented by mental health researcher Mr. Nagendra Luintel and Sujenman Maharjan.

The inaugural session had two papers presented by Mr. Bijaya Kranti Shakya from PHCRD and Ms. Rita Gautam from CBM on working modality and key achievements on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing.